Speed Up Lightroom: Apply Develop Edits in the Optimal Order

While working with the Develop module in Lightroom, image corrections need to be made in the right order. This will make a huge difference in how well the Develop module performs.

Speed Up Lightroom - Apply Develop Edits in the Optimal Order

Whenever new edits are made, the module looks at all the past modifications that were done. For this reason, if you keep using Lightroom to modify your image and apply all sorts of effects to it, the Develop module will slow down.

There are certain filters which will have a huge impact on the speed of the Develop module. For instance, the noise reduction filter will slow down the module immensely.

Lightroom is designed to let users keep track of their edits but you will be forced to contend with the slowness of the system if you have applied numerous edits to the image. All the edits that you made before keep getting calculated by the system every time you make a new edit. Just remember that. 

The best way to make your edits in the Develop module is to start from the top and work your way to the bottom. This is not advice that Adobe would endorse, though. They recommend that you edit your images in the following order:

  1. Make spot healing edits.
  2. Geometry corrections, such as Lens Correction Profiles and apply manual corrections.
  3. Non-detail corrections such as White Balance, Exposure (can also be done first)
  4. Local image corrections, such as Adjustment Brushes and Gradient Filters.
  5. Detailed image corrections, including Sharpening and Noise Reduction.

Adobe Photoshop is a good alternative to Lightroom if you need to make a lot of detailed image corrections and edits.

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