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10 Tips to Improve Lightroom's Performance in 2018

Lightroom is by far the most popular and easy to use image editing and management tool in the business. Unfortunately, the software is also known for its performance and speed issues, especially in the latest updates from 2018. This is a short and sweet guide to cleaning up your system, doing a bit of housekeeping, a bit of tweaking here and there to speed things up. The ultimate goal is to make Lightroom run faster and in the process make our editing process a much better experience. #01 Optimize hardware and Stop Working Off of an External Hard Drive Regardless of whatever you may have read about the brilliant resource optimization capacity of Lightroom CC, the software will only run as fast...

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Speed Up Lightroom: Apply Develop Edits in the Optimal Order

While working with the Develop module in Lightroom, image corrections need to be made in the right order. This will make a huge difference in how well the Develop module performs. Whenever new edits are made, the module looks at all the past modifications that were done. For this reason, if you keep using Lightroom to modify your image and apply all sorts of effects to it, the Develop module will slow down. There are certain filters which will have a huge impact on the speed of the Develop module. For instance, the noise reduction filter will slow down the module immensely. Lightroom is designed to let users keep track of their edits but you will be forced to contend...

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Quick facts about the new Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC by Adobe.

Adobe just announced its newest products: Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom CC. Though the names may sound confusingly similar, both products offer different options that seek to embrace all kinds of photographers. If lengthy articles filled with photography jargon intimidate you, this article will quickly update you by explaining the basics of these intriguing news. Lightroom Classic CC Lightroom Classic CC is the new and improved version of the Lightroom we know and love. The updated program is ideal for photographers who rely on desktop-oriented workflows, files, folders and mutliple Lightroom catalogs. Of course, the name isn't the only change Adobe has made to the program. LR Classic CC's features include: A faster program launch A better importing workflow Better brushing options...

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Shooting in RAW - A Basic Introduction and the Advantages

One of the biggest advantage of being able to shoot in digital is the ability to shoot in RAW. For those of you who are not familiar with what RAW is – RAW is a lossless format that retains all of the image information that your camera captures. These information is available to you for editing the way you feel free. Normally, when you shoot with a digital camera, when shooting in any other mode but RAW, the camera processes the information within, using proprietary RAW to JPEG conversion software. You would say that this approach is a lot more convenient, isn’t it? I am sure it is, for some types of photography. But when you want to have more...

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A Compact Guide to Stunning Landscape Photography

Ever wondered what makes an absolutely stunning landscape image? Is it contrast? Or is it the extensive depth of field or the sharpness that extends from one corner of the image to the other? Or is the resolution of the image? Or maybe something more complicated like extensive post-processing? Well, the thing about photography and especially landscape photography, is that your eyes see something completely different to what the camera sensor records. Your eyes continuously adjusts for the dynamic range across the scene. So it sees a much more contrasty image compared to what the camera captures in a single frame. Additionally, when your eyes move across the scene, it continuously adjusts focus. Therefore the brain records a much larger...

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