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What are the best lenses for landscape photography?

Often beginner photographers tend to ask the wrong sort of questions. I am not blaming them as they are too naive to understand that simply buying the best piece of gear is not going to guarantee the best images. Photography is a synergy of the right tools with the right skillsets. You can eliminate the technology part and still be able to get good image s. but if you don’t have the right skills, no amount of quality gear will make up for it. Okay, that caveat out of the way, now we can concentrate on the topic of discussion today. We are going to look at the best lenses for landscape photography. Ansel Adams, the legendary photographer and the...

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10 Tips to Improve Lightroom's Performance in 2018

Lightroom is by far the most popular and easy to use image editing and management tool in the business. Unfortunately, the software is also known for its performance and speed issues, especially in the latest updates from 2018. This is a short and sweet guide to cleaning up your system, doing a bit of housekeeping, a bit of tweaking here and there to speed things up. The ultimate goal is to make Lightroom run faster and in the process make our editing process a much better experience. #01 Optimize hardware and Stop Working Off of an External Hard Drive Regardless of whatever you may have read about the brilliant resource optimization capacity of Lightroom CC, the software will only run as fast...

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The Best Filters for Landscape Photography

A few years ago, before smartphones became a serious competitor to traditional cameras and instant filters came into existence, photographers used an array of optical filters to transform their images. Filters were in existence before smartphones and for that matter even before digital cameras came into existence. Back then photographers had very little opportunity to retouch their images during post-processing. That had to rely on their skills and the tools that they could use during the process of image making to make the image as close to what they wanted right in the camera. This is what necessitated the use of optical filters. These days, unfortunately, not many photographers use filters, at least not for the optical reasons. They rely...

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10 Essential Tips for Northern Lights Photography

Northern Lights photography is an exciting but also challenging discipline. Here are 10 of the most important tips that will help you to create memorable images of this wonderful phenomena. If you post-process your photos in Adobe Lightroom, see also the Lightroom Presets for Northern Lights Photography. Place the camera on a tripod and ensure the tripod is well secured to forstall the effect of the wind which might want to pull it down. Set your camera on manual focus and select the manual setting on the menu. Use the camera’s timer or remote control to set for 2 or 10 second’s release. When you press the reklease button yourself it will create unsteady images. Open your lens and select the lowest...

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Speed Up Lightroom: Apply Develop Edits in the Optimal Order

While working with the Develop module in Lightroom, image corrections need to be made in the right order. This will make a huge difference in how well the Develop module performs. Whenever new edits are made, the module looks at all the past modifications that were done. For this reason, if you keep using Lightroom to modify your image and apply all sorts of effects to it, the Develop module will slow down. There are certain filters which will have a huge impact on the speed of the Develop module. For instance, the noise reduction filter will slow down the module immensely. Lightroom is designed to let users keep track of their edits but you will be forced to contend...

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