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Shooting in RAW - A Basic Introduction and the Advantages

One of the biggest advantage of being able to shoot in digital is the ability to shoot in RAW. For those of you who are not familiar with what RAW is – RAW is a lossless format that retains all of the image information that your camera captures. These information is available to you for editing the way you feel free. Normally, when you shoot with a digital camera, when shooting in any other mode but RAW, the camera processes the information within, using proprietary RAW to JPEG conversion software. You would say that this approach is a lot more convenient, isn’t it? I am sure it is, for some types of photography. But when you want to have more...

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5 Long Exposure Tips for Landscape Photography

Whether you know the term or not, you've most likely come across the breathtaking photos it offers. Long exposure photography is reminiscent of comfortably surreal paintings and soothing works of art that compel the viewer to stop and ponder for a while. In this part of the photography realm, landscapes consist of moving oceans, dreamy horizons, and soft waterfalls. In a nutshell, long exposure uses slow shutter speeds to sharply capture stationary objects and blur moving ones. This creates a dreamy and even-looking effect, something that is highly valued by photographers and enthusiasts alike. Here are five tips on how to master this exciting photography genre. Have the right equipment Thankfully, long exposure photography doesn't demand lots of complicated equipment....

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