ProfileI’m a landscape and travel photographer from Hamburg, Germany and almost constantly traveling around the world (especially the Nordic countries) as a digital nomad. I have been using Adobe Lightroom since version 2 and developed numerous presets for myself, which simplified and streamlined my workflow significantly.

Presets are especially helpful when dealing with Nordic countries such as Iceland or Norway and the challenging lighting and weather conditions. As with my own photographs, I put a lot of emphasis on the details when creating a Lightroom preset. The selection and arrangement of each collection is done with a lot of care and clearly follows a ‘quality over quantity’ approach. Each preset has been carefully crafted to work with a wide variety of images. Some presets will result in subtle adjustments and others in more dramatic changes, but all presets are fully adjustable to suit your photography style.

All photographs illustrating the use of the presets were taken by me. I am always grateful for suggestions and proposals for new preset collections and look forward to hearing from you!

Jan from Presetbase

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